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What types services do you offer?
We provide cleaning solutions for residential, commercial, deep cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning as well as window cleaning, car interior cleaning and special services including pest control and disinfection.
How do I book for Cleaning company’s services
You can get in touch with us by visiting our website, calling, or emailing us. We will help you to agree on the best time for your cleaning appointment using our scheduling services.
Are your cleaning products for pets and children?
Yes, we offer the eco-friendly, non-toxic, pet- and child-safe cleaning products which are safe for the environment, and as such provide your office or home a clean, healthy surrounding.
Should I prepare anything before your cleaning service?
There's no need of elaborate pre-planning. Don't worry about securing any of your personal belongings, and we will take care of the cleanup; you'll be left with a neat and tidy home.
How do you guarantee the responsibility and honesty of cleaning company’s cleaning team?
To be a member of our cleaning team, all our applicants undergo background checks and receive extensive training, so that we guarantee their trustworthy, high-quality, and professional work.
Can I book your cleaning service in weekly or monthly?
Yes, we offer various hours of operation; weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. It is by doing this so that you keep your space clean all the time.
What would be the procedure if i want to reschedule or cancel your service?
In case you should need to reschedule or cancel the service, just get in touch with us on time. We will make sure to accommodate your new schedule as plans happen to change.
Do you provide the cleaning tools and appliances or the customers must bring their own?
Yes, our cleaning staff fully equipped with enough supplies and service tools allowing to complete the cleaning job properly, fully and on time.
Do cleaning company have customised service for customers specific needs?
Absolutely. We are well-equipped with this fact that each space is different and we offer bespoke cleaning plans so as to cater for your specific needs and preferences.
Are you capable of taking on large commercial clean ups?
Of course, we have the capacities and the means to comprehend, and do large-scale commercial cleaning jobs such as offices, shops, and also industrial buildings.
Are your cleaning services available for weekends and holidays?
Yes, we make sure, that are schedule includes weekends and holidays, because we would like your space to be clean and comfortable whenever you need it.
Are you offering move-in or move-out cleaning services?
Yes, we have all-inclusive move-in and move-out cleaning services including cleaning of your new place and leaving behind old place sparkling clean.
What would be your process for cleaning unique requests or spaces you consider as high-priority?
It is too early to talk about cleaning when there are special requests or problematic areas, anyway. Feel free to let us know about them via booking system, and we shall fix them first.
Do you clean windows and blinds, in addition to you service?
We do window and blind cleaning as our part of comprehensive services. Kindly, inform us on your specific requirements when booking.
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