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Upholstered furniture and sofas are the most common kind of furniture for living rooms and their purchase is the key step in furnishing a living room. But these pieces of clothing may get boring and contaminated with fungus and awful stink because of daily use. For this reason, we at Cleaning Company are committed to providing you with an upholstery that always feels and looks clean. Sofa cleaning services in Qatar are tailored to bring new life into your existing beloved sofa. Our service providers utilize new methods as well as strong yet harmless cleansers to remove stains and deeply embedded filth from these particular material fibers. Whether you want to restore faded colors to your old sofas or get rid of the lingering smells from your chairs, we’ll make sure we bring back the new look and comfort for you to create a warm and cozy living atmosphere in your home.


Cleaning Company provides sofa cleaning service in Qatar with trained cleaning experts to deliver quality sofa cleaning service with advanced cleaning methods. All of our employees are familiar with the peculiarities of various clothes from figure garments to denim and rough upholstery. We focus on every task with precision and apply specific strategies to clean and restore your furniture in sofas or chairs.


  • Fabric Sofas
  • Leather Sofas
  • Majlis Sofas


Eventually, even the most cared-for upholstery may begin to show stains and odors that are hard to deal with. Our sofa cleaning services in Qatar target such problems directly. We employ strong but mild detergents and stain removers to remove stains; we also have effective deodorizers that eliminate odor at its source.


Best Upholstery Cleaning Company in Qatar

We are dedicated to achieving excellence and thus, we are the best sofa cleaning company in Qatar.

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Proven Excellence

The Cleaning Company has been the ultimate choice of professional sofa cleaning in Qatar for many years, with good reason and even more satisfied customers.

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Flexible Scheduling

By availing of our sofa cleaning services, you can arrange for the service according to the ease of your home schedule.

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Highly Trained Professionals

Sofa and upholstery cleaning specialists are skilled rigorously to meet the highest standards for cleaning to deliver our clients the best services.

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Eco-Friendly Practices

We only apply eco – friendly cleaning products and techniques throughout our sofa cleaning services in Doha to ensure a healthy environment

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Customized Approach

We listen to your requirements and understand the nature of your sofa fabric to provide the best upholstery cleaning solution to ensure its new look with the best results we promise to deliver.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our team is always committed to the maximum to ensure that you get the best results for the cleanliness of your upholstery.


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